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Mold Count Triples the Threshold Alert in Midwest


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EMSL Analytical provides advanced testing services to detect mold in air samples.

EMSL Analytical -- According to NBC Chicago, an air quality alert has been issued in the Midwest after dangerous levels of mold were detected. Allergists in the area suggest that the high mold level could cause headaches, congestions, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, and fatigue in individuals exposed to the air.

Reports state that the mold count on Monday August 6th reached 125,000, nearly triple the threshold alert, and although counts have since lowered, they are still dangerously high. Monday’s mold count was the highest recorded in over 15 years. A suggested explanation is this summer’s high humidity levels combined with the rain that the area experienced last weekend.

The Midwest has been experiencing overwhelming heat and harsh humidity prior to summer’s start. Dr. Joseph Leija, an allergist who performs the Midwest’s Gottlieb Allergy Count, began his count in March this year as opposed to April due to the mild winter and warm spring.

Leija suggests that individuals who suffer from allergies stay inside with the windows closed and the air conditioner on. To neutralize allergic reactions he also suggests taking over the counter allergy medicine, rinsing nasal passages with saline solution, and washing hair before bed.

“Allergic reactions to mold are most common from mid to late summer, but they can occur year round for those with an intense allergy,” states Jason Dobranic Ph.D., EMSL’s Vice President of Microbiology and Life Science. “Across the United States and Canada, EMSL Analytical operates numerous accredited mold testing laboratories offering fast and reliable test results for air samples.”

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