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Mold Counts at Record Highs in Chicago


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The environmental and building science consultants from EC2 provide indoor air quality (IAQ) testing services for mold and other microbial contaminants to ensure building occupants have healthy air to breathe.


Last week’s mold count in Chicago was over 81,000 according to the Gottlieb Daily Allergy Count.  It was the highest of the season and of the past five years.  These extremely elevated mold counts are causing allergic reactions in thousands of people from the Chicago area.


Mold is a natural part of the outdoor environment, but levels this high should cause allergy sufferers to take notice and try to minimize their exposure.  These record mold levels give no relief for all the area residents who are also battling indoor mold problems from the record rainfall and subsequent floods witnessed in some areas earlier this summer.


“When there are high mold levels in the outdoor environment there isn’t much you can do other than minimize your time outdoors and keep your homes closed as much as possible,” reported Ed Chambers, the President of EC2, Inc. (ec2), an Illinois based environmental consulting firm.   “Mold growing in indoor environments is a completely separate issue and can lead to everything from allergies and asthma to potentially deadly fungal infections.”


With over 5,000 indoor air quality investigations successfully resolved, Ed Chambers and his team of environmental and building sciences consultants are experts at identifying mold problems in indoor environments.  From schools and hospitals to multi-housing units and single residential properties, they have seen it all.  “Many people don’t realize it doesn’t take a major flood or broken pipe to cause indoor mold issues,” stated Mr. Chambers.  “Construction defects and even things as simple as improperly vented clothes dryers can all lead to conditions that allow for mold to grow and multiply.”


The team at ec2 is not only skilled with microbial issues, but also provides chemical, asbestos, lead, vapor intrusion and other environmental services.  To learn more about IAQ issues please visit, email or call (815) 703-9000.


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EC2 is a leading provider of environmental consulting and inspection services for clients across the United States.  Based in the Chicago area, the company provides their services to clients ranging from local companies and institutions to international Fortune 500 corporations.

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