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Mold Discovered in New Jersey Primary School


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EMSL Analytical provides advanced testing services to detect mold in air and environmental samples.

EMSL Analytical -- According to The Upper Township Gazette, mold has been discovered in ceiling tiles throughout Upper Township Primary School in Marmora, NJ. The mold was discovered by the school’s custodial staff and administration during a preliminary inspection to ensure the building was ready for the school year.

The mold was found throughout the entire building, but there were large concentrations of mold in certain areas. Tests results have indicated that the school is safe to use, but the district’s child care program and continuing education programs have been moved to the elementary school for the time being.

The district has not officially announced the cause of the mold yet, but they believe that the school’s 22 year-old HVAC system and this summer’s high heat and humidity are major contributors.

It has yet to be determined if this discovery will affect the start of the school year.

Mold exposure may result in allergic reactions, during which fever, asthma, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, or lungs may occur. Life-threatening side effects are typically rare and are more common in people with weak immune systems. Toxic side effects usually occur when mold is consumed rather than inhaled.

“Mold can often be detected by sight or smell, but it is not always visible to the naked eye and should be confirmed by testing,” states Jason Dobranic Ph. D., EMSL’s Vice President of Microbiology & Life Sciences. “EMSL Analytical, one of the nation’s largest mold testing labs, operates numerous accredited mold testing laboratories, including our headquarters in Cinnaminson, NJ.”

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