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Mold in Illinois Apartment Results in Lawsuit


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According to an article published by The Madison St. Clair Record, a woman has filed a lawsuit against the owners of an apartment complex in Collinsville, Illinois.  The complaint was filed on February 7th in Madison County Circuit Court.


The woman reports that she developed lymph node health issues and problems with her neck and joints as a result of breathing poor indoor air quality while living in the apartment.  In the lawsuit she blames her health problems on sewage, mold and ‘toxic packets’ that her husband discovered in the air vents of the apartment.   The suit claims that the defendants attempted to conceal the sewage and mold in the HVAC system by placing a plastic bag over the vent.


According to the article the defendants, “…negligently failed to maintain their property in a safe condition, failed to warn Redding of the mold and other toxins, failed to inspect the apartment and vents to discover the sewage and mold, allowed the apartment to become a safety hazard and failed to report any problems to authorities...”


Elevated concentrations of mold in indoor environments can cause a host of medical conditions ranging from allergies to deadly fungal infections.  In Illinois, and across the Midwest, EC2 is a leading provider of services dealing with mold and IAQ problems for cases similar to what occurred at the Collinsville apartment complex.  “Problems with indoor air quality happen in all types of buildings,” reported Ed Chambers, President of EC2.  “The key to problems with mold or other IAQ contaminants is to act swiftly.  These problems rarely just go away and almost always become worse over time. Ignoring IAQ problems often result in costly lawsuits in addition to the cost to have the problem remediated,” he continued.


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