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The distributor of the nation’s leading mold stain remover, offers personal protective equipment (PPE) and sprayers on their website.

Frankfort, IL, November 19th, 2012 -- MMR mold stain remover has gained notoriety as a mold stain cleaning agent that penetrates soiled areas almost instantly.  MMR leaves surfaces clean and free from mold stains. It has quickly become a favorite of mold remediation contractors and property owners across the nation.


In addition to manufacturing and distributing this leading mold stain removal product, Mold Solutions, owner of Fast Mold Removal .com also sells disinfectants, mold removal equipment and personal protective equipment. 


Fast Mold sells a variety of hand- and back-pack sprayers used to apply MMR and other disinfectants onto surfaces with mold growth. To protect people from exposure to microbial contaminants, Fast Mold Removal .com offers discounted prices on 3M full face respirators, 3M cartridges and disposable, full-body chemical suits and coveralls. Shockwave, an EPA-registered disinfectant, is also available for purchase from the site at discounted prices. Fast Mold Removal .com, also breaks cases, which makes buying for small jobs or one-time projects more affordable.


“As contractors and property owners have become aware of how effective MMR is at safely removing mold and mildew stains, customers began asking for products, application equipment and the proper gear to protect themselves from exposure to mold growth during the removal process,” stated Chris Heller with Fast Mold  “We are pleased to offer a more complete array of supporting tools and materials which allows us to become a one-stop shop for contractors and others who are dealing with mold stains.”


To demonstrate how effective MMR is at removing mold and mildew stains, an online video showing the product being used can be seen at:


To learn more about MMR mold stain remover and the tools and PPE that can help to safely eliminate mold problems, please visit, email or call 708-441-7982.


About Mold Solutions

Mold Solutions, owner of Fast Mold, is a Frankfort, IL, based company. They manufacture MMR mold stain remover, the world’s premier mold stain remover. MMR is a commercial grade mold and mildew stain remover formulated to immediately eliminate mold and mildew stains present on wood and other hard surfaces. MMR penetrates soiled areas almost instantly, leaving surfaces clean and free from mold stains. The biodegradable product is manufactured weekly in the United States and shipped on demand to contractors, home owners, and building occupants. Through Fast Mold, Mold Solutions distributes MMR, personal protective equipment, spray equipment and other mold remediation products through 

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