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Mold, Rodents and Cockroaches Found at Many of the Nation’s Sports Arenas & Stadiums


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EMSL Analytical provides testing solutions to ensure fans and athletes don’t suffer from poor indoor air quality (IAQ) or food-borne illnesses from the conditions found at many of the country’s major league sports arenas and stadiums.

Cinnaminson, NJ, July 29th, 2010

Earlier this week Fox News reported on a study conducted by ESPN into health code violations at the nation’s professional sports arenas and stadiums.  The ESPN study looked at major league arenas for hockey, baseball and football.  The network researched health department reports for all food and beverage providers at 107 locations nationwide.

A review of the reports found rodent feces, mold and cockroaches at many of the concession stands and restaurants.  In fact at 30 of the locations more than half the food and beverage providers had been cited for critical or major health violations.  One location near the nation’s capital even had 100% of the vendors cited for violations.

The presence of bugs, rodents and mold can cause a host of health effects for those exposed.  Not only is the presence of these contaminants indications of unsanitary conditions that could lead to food-borne illnesses from viruses, fungal pathogens and parasites, but they can also lead to airborne allergens and trigger asthmatic attacks. 

EMSL Analytical, one of the nation’s largest environmental and food safety testing laboratories, has been providing analytical solutions to prevent these types of contaminants from impacting people for almost 30 years.  “The ESPN report is a real eye opener for sports fans across the country,” reported Joe Frasca, Senior Vice President for EMSL Analytical.  “It’s important that fans spending their hard earned money to take their families to see a professional sports event know that they are not potentially subjecting themselves to food-borne pathogens or unhealthy IAQ.  To help, EMSL is currently offering special pricing on their allergen testing package for a limited time.”

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