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Mold, Sewage Contamination, and Carbon Monoxide Pose Threat to Hurricane Sandy Victims

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EMSL has been offering testing services following natural disasters since its foundation in 1981.

EMSL Analytical -- According to ABC News, Hurricane Sandy victims may still face health risks although it has been over two weeks since the storm has passed.

One major threat is mold. An estimated ten to twenty percent of the population is allergic to mold. However, even those who are not allergic are still at risk because mold spores typically irritate airways causing respiratory symptoms, asthma, and headaches.

Another risk factor is sewage contamination. Floodwaters pose a health threat because they often include raw sewage. ABC News reportedly tested a sample from lower Manhattan following the hurricane and detected gasoline, e.coli, and coliform. Even after floodwater retracts, contaminated puddles and surfaces still remain.

Finally, carbon monoxide poisoning caused from back-up generators can cause great danger. Since the hurricane left millions without power, many turned to back-up generators and coal stoves to keep warm. However, exhaust can become trapped causing carbon monoxide poisoning if there is not proper ventilation within the home or building. Carbon monoxide is odorless, so individuals are unaware of exposure, and causes tissue damage from lack of oxygen which can result in death.

“After natural disasters occur, testing affected areas can be crucial to individual’s health and safety,” states Diane Miskowski, Business Development Manager at EMSL Analytical. “EMSL Analytical has developed a variety of testing methods to determine the presence mold, fecal or sewage contamination, and carbon monoxide at our locations throughout the Northeast.”

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