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Mold Turns Illinois Family’s Dream into a Nightmare


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Woodstock, IL, April 25th, 2011 -- Last month it was reported in The Telegraph that a family’s dream of purchasing their first home turned into a mold nightmare.  The article describes the Farris family that purchased the home last year in Bethalto, Illinois.  According to the article, “After a series of oversights, the Farrises now say they own a house that they cannot live in; have a First Time Home Buyers tax credit they probably have to pay back; and have a daughter still recovering from severe sinus infections suspected as a result of living in the house.”


State Representative Dan Beiser was contacted by the family and stated, “She is in contact with me and my staff, and I'm glad she has been; it's a terrible situation,' he said. 'I'm introducing legislation that will, at this point, get something on the books, and knowing this would be a work in progress, so to speak, dealing with the issue. It will deal with proper disclosure at the time of sale of toxic mold being present in the structure.'


Elevated concentrations of mold in indoor environments can cause a host of medical conditions.  These can range from allergies and asthma to deadly fungal infections.  In Illinois, and across the Midwest, EC2 is a leading provider of services dealing with mold and other IAQ issues.  “When people purchase a home it’s essential to have a home inspection performed by a qualified inspector,” reported Ed Chambers, President of EC2.  “In addition, potential buyers should also consider having an experienced environmental and IAQ consultant perform an inspection for such problems as mold, lead and asbestos contamination.   Many a property owner could have saved themselves tens of thousands of dollars and countless headaches if an environmental site assessment was performed so that the buyers had a complete picture of the property,” he continued.


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