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Monitor Weather in Any Language with Weather Master™ Software


Source: Columbia Weather Systems, Inc.

February 2013, Hillsboro, Oregon -- Weather Master™ Software, for use with any weather station from Columbia Weather Systems, can be translated into almost any language for a small one-time engineering charge. The three main display screens were recently published in German for a Swiss customer. 

Weather Master Software offers professional-grade weather monitoring with calculated parameters and interoperability with computer models. Features include:

• Email/text weather reports to multiple recipients

• Alarm notification and relay control

• Automatic CAMEO/ALOHA interface for hazardous chemical plume modeling

• Multi-station monitoring

• Automatically update weather data to website

• Expandable SQL database to archive measured and calculated parameters

Columbia Weather Systems manufactures weather stations in the USA, providing meteorological data for operational decision-making in public safety and industries worldwide.

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