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Monitoring groundwater, vapor & soil gas


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Monitoring shallow groundwater, vapor and soil gas up to 25 ft. below surface is simplified using Drive-Point Piezometer technology. There are three drive point piezometer tip options; where an airtight connection is most desirable, the 615C has a compression fitting for 1/4' ID tubing, ideal for groundwater sample integrity and vapor and soil gas monitoring. The 615N is a simple well point can be used for water level monitoring or groundwater sampling directly at the screened tip. The 615 has a barbed fitting that connects 1/2' ID tubing to the surface for obtaining representative groundwater samples. Solinst provides a combination of high quality stainless steel Drive-Point Piezometers with 50 mesh screens and 3/4' NPT drive extensions, completing a simple cost effective well that is compact and easy to carry.

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