Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.

Monitoring Hydrocarbons in Water at Hazardous Locations

April 17, 2019 -- Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments’ E09 TD-4100XD is an inherently low maintenance, online oil in water monitor designed specifically for offshore oil production, refining, petrochemical, mining, and other industries that require robust online hardware for severe duty and hazardous area locations. Skid or wall mounted and constructed of 316 stainless steel, the monitor includes an external keypad for operation in corrosive environments.

The XD detects and measures natural gas condensates, light refined fuels, crude oil, and many other aromatic hydrocarbons. Detection limits range from low ppb (µg/L) to high ppm (mg/L).

Compared to laboratory grab sample analysis, online monitoring provides cost effective, continuous, and remote measurement of aromatic hydrocarbons in water. Continuous monitoring provides reliable process management, including detection of hydrocarbons in water, treatment, and discharge.

E09 TD-4100XD Features

Noncontact falling stream flow cell

No glass tubing or plate to foul. A proprietary air curtain keeps optical windows fog-free in humid environments or hot water applications.

Hazardous area compliance

Configurations for Class I Division I and Class I Division II, ATEX Zone I and Zone II.

Low maintenance

With no self damaging ultrasonics,  the optional Clean-in-Place system will clean all the sample lines with no significant chemical consumption.  The routine maintenance involves changing a lamp twice a year and occasionally validating the measurement with the CheckPOINT Standard.

Continuous monitoring

No chemicals, no pre-treatment, and no manual manipulation of the sample are required to monitor aromatic hydrocarbons.

Accurate measurements

The monitor can be calibrated to correlate with laboratory or field oil in water measurement methods with simple inputs to the touch pad.


Natural gas condensates, BTEX, crude oil, and refined petroleum products are detected by the XD from low ppb (ug/L) to high ppm (mg/L). Typical chemicals added to produced water will have no significant affect on the measurement.


The XD only measures hydrocarbons, with minimal interference from solids or turbidity. Set up the XD to target hydrocarbons according to your requirements.

Dirty water effectiveness

Fluorescence monitoring makes the XD resistant to interferences from turbid or dirty water, which impact online UV absorption or IR and visible light scatter instruments.

Operator friendly

The XD is designed for easy operation with an integral, external key pad and historical full color display. Simple onboard software controls alarms, 4-20 mA output, diagnostics, calibration and Clean-in-Place operations.


To discover more about the E09 TD-4100XD for your application, visit Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments at the Offshore Technology Conference, Booth #3309. Further information is available at www.oilinwatermonitors.com, sales@oilinwatermonitors.com or 1.559.253.1414.