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Monitoring levels of harmful pollutants in ice rinks and arenas.


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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a significant concern in ice rinks and arenas; these facilities are especially vulnerable to the affect of an unhealthy indoor environment as fuel-burning equipment such as ice resurfaces are used indoors.

PPM Technology and our partner in the United States, Joel Anderson of Precision Quality Consulting have supplied a number of Mini IAQ Profile Monitor units to various ice rinks/arenas with the aim of providing a safe environment for users and employees of ice arenas. Regulations and guidelines regarding the emission of pollutants in ice rinks/arenas have been introduced at local and state level in many US states and a number of Canadian provinces.

The parameters commonly monitored in ice rinks/arenas are temperature, relative humidity and also carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide both these pollutants are released from the ice re-surfacing vehicle.

The monitoring unit is installed in the ice rinks 'scorer’s box'; the monitor continuously receives air samples from the rink, readings are transmitted in real-time to the office computer which stores the readings on easily read graphs.

Multiple alarm levels are available to activate exhaust fans, dehumidification systems, or signal an auto dialer. Energy savings can be achieved by operating the exhaust system more efficiently.

The IAQ Profile Monitor system can continuously detect, measure and record a number of other customer specified parameters, including Temperature, Humidity, Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Ozone, Ammonia, Formaldehyde and TVOC’s. Real-time functions enable immediate warnings of the presence of harmful gases in the air thus protecting employees and the public; buildings can be immediately evacuated giving minimal exposure to the building occupants. 

The system has been designed to be easy to set-up and operate. A manager PC simply connects to the wireless network using a Telegesis ZigBee USB module, allowing for transmitting and receiving of information to and from a particular wireless unit.

The wireless units communicate via the sophisticated and reliable Zigbee wireless mesh network; the network can be extended easily by adding repeater nodes or additional PPMonitor or Mini PPMonitor units; each unit can be configured with unique sensor specifications if required. This allows complete monitoring of the Indoor Air Environment in any building layout. 

The PPMonitor Software allows the entire wireless system to be managed from a single PC, the PC can pre-set a number of different exposure levels to trigger when limits are exceeded; these could be visible or audible alarms or to control 3rd party systems such as ventilation systems. The PPMonitor software enables the data to be viewed graphically, produce reports and statistical data.

Analysis of the recorded data over time allows for more efficient management of resources and energy.



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