Monsal wins technical innovation award at ADBA


Monsal are delighted to announce they have won the innovation award at ADBA 2013 this week.

The award “Innovation in sewage treatment through AD” recognises our significant contribution in the application of advanced digestion technology in the UK water sector. Monsal have over 12 operational advanced digestion plants for the water utility market, processing sewage sludge and generating renewable energy from biogas.

The Monsal technology is the most energy efficient on the market , generating high net renewable energy with low parasitic power consumption. Heat is recovered in the Monsal process to provide the parasitic heat for hydrolysis and pasteurisation – meaning no biogas is diverted for heat demand.

Monsal managing director Aidan Cumiskey commented – “The Monsal advanced digestion process is incorporated at a number of very large digestion facilities including Avonmouth (Bristol) and Great Billing (Northampton) – both over 1.3M population equivalent. On the Avonmouth site, the Monsal process generates high biogas yields so that the whole site is now self sufficient in energy – this is the only site in the UK which is energy self sufficient generating about 4MWe from sewage sludge. “

The Monsal technology can be applied to optimise digestion capacity, increase renewable energy production and optimise the heat balance for water utility clients.

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