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MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc.

MOP Environmental Solutions Announces the Signing of Two Strategic Agreements With Significantly Larger Companies


Source: MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc.

BATH, NH - MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MOPN), a New Hampshire-based manufacturer of the patented MOP? Maximum Oil Pickup oil absorbent and booms, today announced the signing of two strategic agreements with significantly larger companies as part of its forward looking 'Ramp-Up' strategy.

On June 23rd, MOP Environmental Solutions signed an agreement with Leigh Fibers of Wellford, South Carolina, a company 50 times larger. 'We are very excited about the signing of this Agreement and Letter of Engagement with Leigh Fibers,' said MOP President & CEO Charles Diamond. 'We anticipate the South Carolina based Leigh Fibers will have a dramatic effect on our short and long-term goals, allowing up to a 10 fold or greater increase in our capacity to produce MOP loose sorbents,' stated Diamond.

'Equally as promising as the preliminary strategic alliance with Leigh Fibers is the opportunity to modify many existing fibers to adapt and enhance their performance for the oil spill industry and related markets,' states Diamond, who continues. 'I believe the synergies of MOP Environmental Solutions technology in consort with the production capacity of Leigh Fibers will greatly enhance our potential to capture the growing interest of the global spill response market and to accelerate MOP distributorships internationally. Leigh Fibers operates manufacturing facilities in The U.S. and Canada, and maintains distribution in China, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Peru, Italy and other countries where collaborations could yield synergies for both companies.'

Phase One of the MOPN 'Ramp-Up' strategy:

'Phase One of the MOPN 'Ramp-Up' strategy is intended to enable us to better satisfy the immediate demand related to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico,' as stated by Diamond, however, since Leigh Fibers does not as yet produce booms, 'On June 25th, MOP Environmental Solutions signed a second Strategic Agreement, to increase its production capacity of oil absorbent booms up to five-fold with the signing of a Strategic Alliance Agreement for Boom Production with Global Sales Company of Columbia, Maryland.'

'We are very excited about our recent Strategic Alliances,' said MOP President & CEO Charles Diamond. 'We have every confidence that both Leigh Fibers and Global Sales will meet the high standards that we set for our MOP Environmental Solutions products. Our relationship with both companies gives us confidence to seek additional alliances to further accelerate our expansion both domestically and globally. This 'Ramp-Up' strategy, boosts current capacity for boom production and establishes the first significant growth relationships for MOP Environmental Solutions, to address the anticipated long-term needs of customers both domestically and internationally.'

Phase Two of the MOPN 'Ramp-Up' strategy:

Phase Two of MOP Environmental Solution's 'Ramp-Up' plan includes broadening the base of operations at both the macro and micro level, taking advantage of the unique benefits and characteristics of our patented MOP? Maximum Oil Pickup oil absorbent that is able to capture still additional revenue from the MOP derived oil retrieved from oil spills on both water and land, while focusing on expanding operations significantly both domestically and abroad.



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