MOP Environmental Solutions: MOP Can Protect the Most Fragile Areas in Gulf Spill

MOP® 201 Absorbing Product “Ready to Go” to Protect Shoreline

Bath, NH.

New Hampshire–based MOP Environmental Solutions says it has the product to protect the most fragile areas along the Gulf Coast and it is just waiting to get a go ahead to ship the product and all deployment equipment.

“This problem has become enormous and no one solution is going to take care of everything but we have to do something to protect the fragile shoreline, fisheries and the oyster beds to the maximum extent as quickly as we can.” said Wayne King, spokesman for MOP Environmental Solutions.

“We have a container load of MOP absorbent and the equipment needed to deploy it ready to go, but we are awaiting the go-ahead from BP or the Coast Guard. We believe that we have the product capable of protecting the shoreline. We are confident that once demonstrated BP and the Coast Guard will be on board with our sustainable solution. We can produce sufficient additional absorbent to at least protect the most fragile zones.”

“More than 10 years ago BP issued a testimonial letter supporting MOP’s absorbent,” said King. “But the person who wrote that letter has moved on and now BP is overlooking an important component to the solution. It is maddening to be sitting here watching the slick close in on the land when we know that each container load of MOP sorbent can capture lock up to 80,000 gallons of the oil closest to land before it hits the shore. We can lock it up in 3 hours with our MOP Cannon that shoots out the absorbant from a fast moving boat or pumps it in underwater.”

“MOP’s absorbent is 100% recycled, 100% biodegradable and has the highest pickup ratio of any oil spill cleanup product in the industry,” said Charles Diamond, President of MOP Environmental Solutions. It is the safest, most thorough, lowest cost oil spill cleanup product there is.  The EPA has reviewed MOP® and has found it complies with Title 40 CFR of the National Contingency Plan for any oil spill on land or water.
“We are not going to give up,” said Diamond. “We are already taking calls from subcontractors who know the effectiveness of MOP” but we believe the Coast Guard and BP should be working directly with us.”
“We are grateful for the hundreds of people who have emailed to volunteer their help and to tell us to keep pushing. Too much is at stake for us to give up. BP and the Coast Guard will have to take notice, time is of the essence.”
We have established an email hotline to be monitored 24/7 for the next few weeks:

MOP ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS, INC. (PINK SHEETS: MOPN) MOP® (Maximum Oil Pickup), produces patented technology and associated equipment, for effective global oil-spill recovery.

MOP’s website is and progress getting through to a decision maker can be followed on twitter @MOPSolutions.

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