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MOPN Inks Agreement For Distribution in Ecuador and Peru Expansion


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Declaring that “The challenges of oil spill remediation needs in Ecuador and Peru are an ideal place for us to prove the effectiveness of the new MOP®-RESCUE™ technology .” MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (MOPN-pk) President Charles Diamond, today announced an agreement to expand its distribution of the company’s popular green oil spill cleanup product MOP® Maximum Oil Pickup sorbent (MOP®). The agreement with Ecuador-based APDProyectos Cia. Ltda. is expected to generate substantial sales of MOP® sorbent and products as well as consulting and service opportunities for both companies in the oil rich countries.

In January, Executives from APDProyectos Cia Ltda visited Bath, NH, where the MOPN plant is based. They were shown our newest oil-contaminated-soil cleanup equipment in action. whereby the equipment RAPIDLY; REMOVED the oil, CLEANED the soil, and RECOVERED the oil, from the oil saturated soil (successfully demonstrating the application from sand to heavily organic potting soil).

The MOP®-RESCUE™ (Rapid Environmental Spill Clean Up Equipment) demonstrated that it rapidly remediates oil contaminated soil, to an apparently oil free state in under 10 minutes. This new process holds great promise as the most rapid, low cost method to remediate oil contaminated soil, completely restoring its value once again for agricultural or commercial use. Our MOP® sorbent product works together with our new MOP®-RESCUE (Provisional Patent Filed), technology.

“What excites us most,” said Diamond, “is the opportunity to work with APDProyectos Cia Ltda to tackle the huge environmental challenges - including the opportunity to capture and recycle oil that has been contaminating the ground in so many places.”

In addition to signing an exclusive agreement for distribution, the parties discussed at length the opportunities in Ecuador and Peru, particularly the status of potential cleanup of a massive number of spills and oil pits throughout the country’s Amazon Region.

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (MOPN) is a publicly traded company. MOP® Maximum Oil Pickup™ is a 'cradle-to-cradle' green product that is the most effective oil spill recovery system on the market.

MOP® is an aggressive oleophyllic and hydrophobic (oil attracting and water repelling) sorbent made from recycled and fully biodegradable materials, manufactured using small-scale hydroelectric green energy. MOP®’s properties are such that it can effectively deal with an oil spill the size of the Exxon Valdez in a 24 hour period, but is just as effective at cleaning up the spill off a garage floor.

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