Morbark converts to urethane industrial coating

The exterior paint on Morbark equipment is changing. The company recently converted to Morthane, a two component urethane industrial topcoat with a two component urethane primer, for a complete chemically-cured coating system.

Morthane, exclusively developed for Morbark, has an excellent gloss finish with superior color retention, more durability, chip resistance and corrosion protection, as well as chemical resistance to antifreeze, diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid. All of these components result in a machine that is more attractive looking and retains its value longer.

Jim Shoemaker, Jr., Morbark Vice President of Operations states, “Morthane isn’t a generic, one-size-fitsall urethane product. Because of the custom development of this product our customers can be assured of a top quality coating that meets their expectations and leapfrogs the rest of the industry.”

NCP Coatings, Inc., of Niles, Michigan, Morbark’s exclusive paint supplier, has worked closely with key members of the Morbark team to specifically formulate a coating to precisely fit Morbark’s customer needs. Morthane has been customized to Morbark by taking into account the size and drying times of the different pieces of machinery. In addition, it includes a resin developed for use by the military for resistance to chemical agents. Throughout development, paint tests included accelerated weathering, gravelometer, corrosion/salt spray, adhesion and hardness tests, among others.

About Morbark:
Morbark, Inc., based in Winn, Michigan has been innovating and manufacturing durable, high performance equipment for the forestry, recycling, tree care, sawmill and biomass markets for over 50 years. Morbark equipment helps customers harvest, process, and convert wood and other organic materials into valuable, useful and profitable products. The company produces a full line of whole tree and waste wood chippers, flails, brush chippers, horizontal and tub grinders, sawmill equipment, material handling systems and more. Visit

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