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Morbark, Inc. introduces new externally adjustable safety element for break-away


Source: Morbark, Inc.

Morbark, Inc. has introduced a new externally adjustable safety element that can help protect the driveline and hammermill from catastrophic damage from foreign objects. The unit can be easily adjusted in the field, saving downtime and reducing expenses. This device is available on all Morbark 3800, 4600XL, 6600 and 7600 wood hogs models. The full breakaway torque limiter system protects the engine and clutch against shock and overload without stalling the engine. The holding-torque on the new externally adjustable safety element can be easily and quickly adjusted to meet the requirements of the material being processed. It requires no special tools and does not have to be removed from the main unit to be adjusted for a different torque setting, taking only minutes per element to adjust. It reacts in milliseconds to a direct hit, saving the customer money and

“When the unit sees a torque load above the safety element’s setting, the two halves of the unit release, allowing the inner half to stop while the outer half keeps turning at the same speed as the engine. This creates a positive disconnect helping to prevent the engine and clutch from damage caused by the severe impact or load. We believe this is a better system than shear pins or soft grade shear bolts because the elements do not have to be replaced after each release,” states Nelson Langworthy Sr., equipment specialist.

“The externally adjustable safety elements have the ability to be manually released for bearing and detent lubrication that will extend the service life of the unit. This can be done easily in the field with no special tools creating less downtime for the customer,” Langworthy adds.

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