Morbark introduces 3800XL Horizontal Grinder


After more than a year of rigorous design review and extensive infield testing, Morbark today released its new 3800XL Horizontal Grinder to the market. Not simply an incremental extension of the 3800 platform, this new grinder contains significant changes and improvements in feeding technology which dramatically increases production capacity and operating efficiency.

The primary difference between this unit and all others is its redesigned reverse-pivot feed system which minimizes space between the feed wheel and the hammermill. There is no place for material to hide in this unit, which keeps debris moving forward with uninterrupted, steady production.

“It’s like our old Morbark 4600 on steroids! We’re getting substantially more production with better fuel efficiency, and the new remote makes it very easy to dial in exactly the speed we need to keep the belt full all the time,” said Gord Edwards of Windsor Disposal Services. “It’s so user friendly and easy to adjust, we can focus on keeping it full and filling trailers,” he added.

The Morbark 3800XL is available with a variety of engine choices up to 800 HP and will be ready for inspection at ConExpo booth 552 in the Silver Lot in Las Vegas, March 22-26, 2011

About Morbark:
Morbark, Inc., based in Winn, Michigan has been innovating and manufacturing durable, high performance equipment for the forestry, recycling, tree care, and sawmill markets for over 50 years. Morbark equipment helps customers harvest, process, and convert wood and other organic materials into valuable, useful and profitable products. The company produces a full line of Chiparvestors, flails, whole tree chippers, brush chippers, grinders and more.

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