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More products introduced to the M.A.IND-UK range


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We take pleasure with introducing the SLUDGLESS Sludge Dewatering and EMD Rotary Drum Screen to the M.A.IND-UK range of solid separation systems.

SLUDGLESS provides a low-cost investment solution for sludge thickening or dewatering at small and medium size water, waste water and industrial effluent treatment applications in addition to certain larger applications. Sludge export or transportation costs can therefore be significantly reduced with consequential further savings on operational and energy costs. The system can be operated under various conditions and can produce a thickened sluge up to 15% or dewatered sludge up to 30% DS.

M.A.IND EMD Rotary Drum screens are capable of handling flows up to 2,100 litres per second or greater (4,000 l/s, 6,000 l/s, 8,000 l/s, etc) with multiple units. Units can be supplied for direct installation into a channel or chamber, or as a complete package inside a stainless steel tank. Screenings compaction of 40% DS or greater can be achieved. It is well suited for pre-MBR screening, CSO storm screening and sea outfall screening besides municipal and industrial waste water treatment.

Both SLUDGLESS and EMD Rotary Drum Screens embody the M.A.IND philosophy of 'high quality at low cost' without any compromise to performance, reliability or asset life.

Brochures are available from under M.A.IND-UK.

The SLUDGLESS and EMD Rotary Drum Screen have been successfully applied throughout Europe and the United States and are now fully available to the UK and Irish markets. Full technical support, installation and commissioning, together with after sales service is available from M.A.IND-UK.

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