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More Robust Learning Strategy Frameworks Generate Stronger Performances


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Some companies will implement learning strategy frameworks that only fit the bare minimum criteria, leaving a lot to be desired among employees. This can lead to significant issues with engagement and performance, especially as more staff members in today's workforce are interested in professional development opportunities.

The Winnipeg Free Press recently listed some of the ways enterprises can go the extra mile with employee development to ensure long-term performance improvements and stronger retention. With all of the affordable and effective training portals available to the average business today, failing to create robust strategies is often a symptom of poor research and a lack of foresight.

Training programs should always serve the dual purpose of keeping all staff members on the same page as the business, while furthering each employee's professional capabilities and skill set. According to the news provider, employee development is one of the best ways to boost continuity, especially in light of turbulent marketplaces and a shifting consumer landscape.

However, to enjoy these benefits, companies must align their learning strategies with their overarching mission and goals, the source explained. There are several ways that a learning officer can ensure an employee development initiative is working toward the desired goal, leaving little room for waste or inefficiencies.

For example, the Winnipeg Free Press suggested evaluations, questionnaires and assessments that gauge the current skill levels of staff, as well as their interests. Then, the learning strategy should prioritize each lesson and bring together the business and employee goals discovered during the assessments.

Businesses can use advanced portals such as mobile learning platforms to more affordably put these objectives into action. Last month, CLO Media asserted that virtual learning can improve the quality of life among employees, boosting engagement and driving performance improvements over longer periods of time.

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