More Talks on the Water Framework DirectiveRainwater Tanks Helping Farmers



Farming Life details how the UFU environment chairman and senior policy officer recently attended a meeting of the European Commission Water Framework Directive Common Implementation Working Group on Agriculture. Although somewhat of a mouthful, the meeting took place at Greenmount College and represented the UFU and COPA groups.

Attended by representatives from all EU member states, the group discussed the Water Framework Directive (WFD), which requires all inland and coastal waters to reach at least ‘good status’ by 2015. Officials from Brussels outlined that the Rural Development Programmes must be seen to tackle water quality and that if they were not satisfied, then approval of the RDP’s may not be forthcoming.

With water being one of the hottest topics in farming at the moment, farmers are looking for solutions to put them in more control of their own water supplies. One such was of achieving this is through the adoption of rainwater harvesting solutions. Rainwater can be channeled from large roof surfaces into dedicated rainwater tanks; vertical or horizontal tanks that store large volumes of free water safely until it is required. Enduramaxx water tanks are made from a very rugged, single piece of rotationally moulded, UV-stabilised polyethylene.

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