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More Than 14 Million Environmental Sampling Records from National Laboratory Are Now Available Online


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LOS ALAMOS, N.M. -- Regulators, stakeholders, scientists and the greater public will have access to remediation and other environmental data records associated with EM’s legacy nuclear cleanup program in near real time on a new website portal.

Conversion to this cloud-based system achieved a substantial reduction in operating and maintenance costs, with changes and process improvements resulting in an estimated total cost savings of more than $15 million through 2015.

Previously contained in a dozen independent databases, the integrated records of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) — part of DOE’s network of national laboratories — are now stored in one location, the website Intellus.

The system contains 14 million records, including more than 28,000 locations and about 300,000 samples. The data span a wide range of media including air, soil, sediment, biota, and water, and it includes various analytes and time periods.

“The system was designed to provide complete transparency to view the laboratory’s environmental data and to build public trust,” said Nita Patel, the project manager. “Intellus allows near real-time posting of validated information, which is a huge change from several years ago when access for the public to the same data could take months. We empowered Intellus users, and they have responded positively.”

Users can customize Intellus data with satellite imagery, topography, and boundaries.

Intellus ensures users have access to the most recent data used by managers, analysts, and scientists to help guide environmental stewardship decisions. System data are updated nightly and all data are verified and validated before release.

The conversion to the cloud-based system also increased sample throughput efficiency. The implementation of automatic electronic data validation was a critical step to increase data consistency and quality.

Security and availability of the cloud-based system is ensured through the use of a Tier IV data center. This level of security — the highest available — protects the data center against power and communication system failures, environmental incidents, and cybersecurity attacks. Redundant backups ensure the highest level of uptime and zero risk of data loss.

The website also hosts data from the New Mexico Environment Department and other third-party providers, such as local and Tribal entities. Intellus has the capacity to expand and include data from environmental programs of municipal, state, federal, and Tribal entities.

For more information on Intellus, contact Nita Patel at 505-665-9273 or; or David Rhodes at LANL’s Environmental Projects Office at 505-665-5325 or

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