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More than 30 years of experience have really paid off: VACUDEST is operating successfully in over 50 countries


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A lot has changed since we built the first VACUDEST in 1986. We haven’t just updated the look of our vacuum distillation systems. We’ve also made consistent improvements to technically modernise and optimise the VACUDEST in the last 30 years. Our patented technologies, such as Activepowerclean and Clearcat, guarantee that our customers benefit from ‘Made in Germany’ quality and we offer them efficient processes and sustainable secure solutions.

With over 1,370 installations in place, we support companies around the world in processing wastewater sustainably. This year, we have hit the 50-country mark. We think this is the perfect reason to embark on a mini trip around the world so that we can take a closer look at the locations where our VACUDEST is paving the way for a wastewater-free future.

There are around 900 active VACUDEST vacuum evaporators in Europe. We mainly serve our customers in this region to treat spent cooling lubricant emulsions as well as industrial wastewater from painting pre-treatment and degreasing processes. Our sales representatives are available on site as contact persons for our customers in countries such as France, Poland and Switzerland.

A particularly exciting project this year is the installation of the largest VACUDEST system up to now. The XXL 30,000 was completed last year and is currently being installed for one of our customers in Germany. It will be put into operation around the end of the year.

There are also numerous VACUDEST systems in Asia, which treat industrial wastewater thoroughly. Due to rapid economic growth in recent years, there have been urgent calls to rethink attitudes towards environmental protection. China, in particular, has increased the pressure on companies by imposing stricter limits. In some parts of the country, the only solution for industry is zero liquid discharge production. Our VACUDEST vacuum evaporators process resulting industrial wastewater in such a way that it is made clean enough to be recycled. Legal standards are no longer a problem and our customers make an important contribution to environmental protection. We always have a competent contact person available for interested companies and our customers at our subsidiary, H2O Kunshan.
Our VACUDEST systems have even made it down under, to the land of koalas, kangaroos and impressive megacities, such as Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. These are the exact locations of our VACUDEST evaporators, which support our customers in effective wastewater treatment.

In Melbourne, for example, our systems contribute to the preservation of our ever-reducing fresh water resources by processing wastewater from the metal processing and disposal sectors.

South America
From Australia, we move on to South America; a continent, which is well known for its vast variety of landscapes. Glaciers, volcanoes, rainforest and dreamy white beaches. South America is home to an array of natural wonders. These need to be protected and maintained for future generations.

Our VACUDEST systems are right in the centre of this incredible natural environment. Our Brazilian customers are currently benefitting from reliable wastewater treatment due to our vacuum distillation systems. In particular, they process wastewater from the degreasing and electroplating sectors.
North America
It isn’t just South America that has put its trust in our evaporators since many years. The VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems have successfully been serving the US and Mexico, too. Our customers here mainly process electroplating wastewater as well as process water from painting pre-treatment and spent cooling lubricant emulsions.

Thanks to our sales office in Querétaro, Mexico, we can instantly respond to our customers’ needs and address any concerns on site.

It is impressive to see which countries our VACUDEST systems are already operating in. This mini review shows that, globally, we’re on the right path. 7 out of 10 companies are already achieving wastewater-free production with us. With each passing day, we are enabling more customers to save our fresh water resources and keep developing sustainable solutions for the future.

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