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More Than 60 Percent of EUEC Attendees Surveyed Believe Carbon Pricing Will Impact Their Businesses in 2012


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Enviance Survey of 237 Energy and Utility Industry Professionals at EUEC 2012 Also Reveals68 Percent of Companies Lacking Ability to Track, Report and Manage Carbon Exposure

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Enviance, Inc., a global provider of Environmental ERP (EERP) solutions that measure, manage, report and reduce environmental and regulatory risks, today announced from EUEC 2012—America’s largest energy, utility and environmental conference—the results of an on-site environmental compliance survey taken by the show’s attendees. This is the third annual survey Enviance has commissioned at EUEC. This year’s survey addressed year-over-year change in data, cap and trade’s effect on businesses and the number of organizations with a system in place to track, report and manage their carbon emissions.

The survey of 237 energy and utility industry professionals attending EUEC found the following results:

  1. Cap and Trade: This year’s survey showed that more than three-fifths of respondents now believe the imposition of a carbon tax will affect their business.
  2. Emissions Systems: Despite the large percentage of companies that expressed the belief that a price on carbon will affect their business, a surprising 68 percent of professionals surveyed responded that they have no system in place to track and report on carbon emissions. This is a steep increase compared to the 58 percent of respondents in the 2011 survey that reported they had no system in place.
  3. Water Management: Forty-eight percent of respondents said that water management is a concern for their organization, similar to carbon emissions, with approximately 40 percent responding that they don’t measure or report on water. Only 12 percent said that carbon is a higher priority than water management.
  4. Monitoring Regulations: Last year in 2011, 84 percent of respondents commented that they monitor changing EPA regulations “as they happen.” This remained consistent in 2012, with 81 percent of respondents saying the same. Only 9 percent of respondents commented that they monitor changing EPA regulations “when we have to,” up slightly from 7 percent in 2011. The consistency from 2011 to 2012 is a positive indicator that corporate EH&S teams are taking a proactive approach to their environmental compliance responsibilities.

“Given we’ve now seem to hit a tipping point where the clear majority of companies believe carbon pricing will have an impact on their business, it is surprising to see a substantial 17 percent jump in the number of companies that have no system for tracking and reporting greenhouse gas emissions. It seems that Industry, understanding the bell-weather role California has historically played in environmental matters, has taken California's implementation of cap and trade as a sign that carbon pricing is coming and must be managed to preserve competitiveness,” said Lawrence Goldenhersh, Enviance CEO. “Because it is likely that the imposition of carbon costs will come with the inevitable end to the recession, companies would be well-advised to grapple with carbon tracking and management now, before the failure to do so becomes the story on Wall Street.”

For more information about Enviance’s survey of EUEC conference attendees or to schedule a briefing with Lawrence Goldenhersh, please contact enviance@schwartzmsl.com.

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