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More than 80 ASTM Methods feasible with Metrohm instruments!


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Numerous Metrohm applications comply with the methods and testing specifications stipulated by official standards.

ASTM standards, for example, are a global reference when it comes to testing goods and services. No less than 80 ASTM methods can be performed on Metrohm instruments. A list of these methods can be downloaded here.

In the following you can find standard-compliant applications:

8.000.6007EN Determination of sulfate in denatured ethyl alcohol according to ASTM D 7319
8.000.6008EN Simple and innovative method for the determination of glycerol in biodiesel and biodiesel blends by ion chromatography.
8.000.6020DE Titrimetric analyses of biofuels
8.000.6020EN Titrimetric analyses of biofuels
8.000.6028EN Ultratrace determination of uranium(VI) in drinking water by adsorptive stripping voltammetry according to DIN 38406-17
AB-050 Determination of lead in petroleum products by stripping voltammetry
AB-080 Determination of the acid and base numbers in petroleum products
AB-231 Voltammetric determination of zinc, cadmium, lead, copper, thallium, nickel and cobalt in water samples according to DIN 38406 Part 16
AN-S-235 Determination of anions and oxyhalides by US EPA method 300.1 A and B in a single analysis (standard solution)
AN-S-241 Chloride and sulfate in ethanol used as biofuel (ASTM D 7319-07)
TP-bro3-pcr Influence of pH, temperature and molybdate concentration on the performance of the triiodide method for the trace-level determination of bromate (EPA 326)
TP-kf-biod Determining the water content in biodiesel by Karl Fischer titration as per EN ISO 12937
TP-stab-biod Determination of the oxidative stability of biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters, FAME)



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