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More than two-thousand local students experience chemistry up close


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“Chemist” might be a new career-day pick for many local students. Carus Corporation’s annual National Chemistry Week tour hit sixteen area schools this year, bringing science demonstrations to more than two-thousand kids.

“I want them to get more experiments and come back again,” said Austin Robinson, an eighth grader at Northbrook Middle School in Mendota. “I’m thinking I might want to do something with science now.”

More than forty Carus volunteers visited middle schools in LaMoille, LaSalle, Lostant, Mendota, Oglesby, Ottawa, Peru, Sheridan, Spring Valley, Streator, Tonica, and Utica. The demonstrations featured chemical reactions that foamed, fizzed, steamed, changed color, and produced light.

“Our goal is to show kids that learning can be fun. We want them to show up to science class energized after our visit, knowing that chemistry makes a huge difference in our world, and that local career opportunities in chemistry are waiting for them,” said Sean Davenport, Carus’ Technology Development Manager.

The American Chemical Society has dubbed October 19-25 National Chemistry Week. Carus extends the local celebration to more than three weeks, in order to accommodate as many schools as possible.

“Chemistry demonstrations are a long-standing Carus tradition,” said Kegan Pakula, Carus’ Communications Coordinator. “Carus turns 100 next year, and this is just one of the ways we like to say thank you, each year, to the region  Carus has called home for the last century.”

Carus’ chemistry tour isn’t over yet. For the first time, Carus is expanding its National Chemistry Week celebration beyond schools, bringing a chemistry demonstration to Horizon House in Peru later this month.

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