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More UNTHA shredders for secondary fuel treatment in England


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Pre-shredder and post-shredder for RDF production line in England

18.11.2011 -- The consistently high demand in England brings UNTHA shredding technology another order for shredding machines for the treatment of secondary fuels. The English waste management company H. Brown & Sons invests several million pounds in a completely new waste treatment plant. Regarding shredding machines, Brown opts for the expert partner UNTHA shredding technology. With the XR2000S pre-shredder and the TR3200 post-shredder, UNTHA supplies the core components of the plant which also consists of metal separation equipment, a vibrating screen, an air separator and materials handling technology.

The supplied input material consisting of unsorted commercial and bulky waste is charged into the XR2000S pre-shredder with the help of a materials handler. The waste is then shredded to a size of less than 150 mm and is subsequently conveyed on belts through a series of stations at which unshreddable items and other undesirable materials are separated. The unshreddables-free waste is then fed into the TR3200 post-shredder and down-sized to less than 30 mm. On another conveying belt, the treated material is transported to a stockyard, on which it is stored for the subsequent use in a cement plant.

H. Brown is more than impressed by the pre-shredder, post-shredder and the entire plant's efficiency. With this new plant, H. Brown ensures that the supplied waste is not disposed of on landfills but used as a valuable resource.

UNTHA on the other hand, now offers another reference object in the UK which can be toured together with our experts.

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