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New: Air Pollution Control E-LEARNING SERIES!

07/17/2014 -- New: Air Pollution Control E-LEARNING SERIES!

Education and training play an increasingly essential role in today’s Air Pollution Control environment.

Get the Guidance You Need

Time allocated for training is always limited, making it essential to apply education tools that capitalize on modern technology and are relevant to all, especially those who are new to the industry. 


Our Idea In-Brief

To work with our customers as a valued and reliable partner by providing simple and clear support through short self-guided educational modules. This new comprehensive series offers an opportunity to learn and understand the air pollution environment and help make cost-effective decisions to keep compliant and profitable.  

The Expert Team


CPI'S Roundtable of senior consultants, business leaders and expert engineers provide educational seminars and programs to the Air Pollution Control Industry across many markets and to all audiences. 

Register Now!

These modules will be available through our website; you can register and access the series by clicking now on the E-Learning button. 


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