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MOS Food Services Launches New 'Grilled Chicken' Simultaneously in Japan and Asia - Limited Release Product


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Aiming to sell a total of four million burgers from December 26th

Tokyo, Dec 14, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - MOS Food Services, the company that operates MOS Burger, will introduce the same limited-release concept product at all its 1,596 stores (as of Nov 2010 / some stores may not sell this product) in Japan and throughout Asia, and conduct a sales promotion using the same commercials and store POP displays from Sunday, December 26, 2010, to Monday, February 7, 2011.

The new limited-time 'Grilled Chicken Burger' will use chicken, highly popular in Asia, prepared in a broiling method particular tothe Japanese chain. Special crispy french fries will be added on top. The sauce to be used in Japanese stores will be a salty butter sauce with the fragrance of fried pepper, while outlets in other parts of Asia will use orange flavored sauce.

During the sales promotion, the same POP displays based on the unified icon 'Go! Go! Asia!' will express in each country that this is a sales promotion being conducted across all Asian regions. A TV commercial featuring entertainer Shiori Kutsuna will be broadcast in Japan and Taiwan and will also be shown on video monitors inside and/or outside stores in other regions.

During the promotion period, an inner campaign will also be conducted with all outlets competing against each other in sales volume in order to strengthen chain operations throughout Asia. At the same time, an HDC campaign(1) will be conducted at all stores across Asia to improve their service levels as MOS brand stores. With these measures in place, the goal is to achieve an approximate103% year-on-year increase in sales during the promotion period at all Asian stores including Japan.

Our chain currently has 232 stores (as of end of Nov 2010) in six countries and regions in Asia. MOS outlets are located in Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong with their mature markets and stable number of stores; as well as in Thailand, Indonesia, and China (Xiamen) with their rapidly developing economies and growing markets. Each region has its own distinct characteristics, such asthe major popularity of MOS Rice Burger and Teriyaki Chicken Burger, which menus were born in Japan. The chain is increasing its number of stores and establishing its brand in growing markets, and is also aggressively rolling out new outlets in newdeveloping markets.
Overview of Asian simultaneous release promotion

Promotion name:     'Go! Go! Asia!'
Promotion period:   Sun, Dec 26, 2010 to Mon, Feb 7, 2010
Product:            'Grilled Chicken Burger' JPY 360
Limited time product
Stores involved:    MOS Burger stores region-wide(2)
                    (Some stores may not sell this product)
For details of this release, please see http://www.acnnewswire.com/clientreports/590/MosFood_1214.pdf .

(1) The HDC campaign is a campaign conducted several times a year that surveys and measures hospitality (H), deliciousness (D), and cleanliness (C) at storefronts. This has been conducted in Japan since 1982 and since 2007 at all overseas outlets.
(2) The number of MOS Burger stores in Japan: 1,364 stores (as of November 30, 2010).

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