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Mother Fights Germ-Infested Playgrounds


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EMSL Analytical Inc. offers testing for individuals--not just companies

A mother of four from Chadler, Arizona is waging a war against dirty playgrounds at fast-food restaurants. Dr. Erin Carr-Jordan was horrified when she discovered that the local McDonald’s jungle gym where her children played was filthy. The staff did not clean it—even after repeated complaints—so she decided to take matters into her own hands and take samples of the grime herself.

Because Dr. Carr-Jordan does not have a background in microbiology (her Ph. D. is in developmental psychology), she sent the samples to a commercial testing laboratory.

The results indicated the presence of fecal contamination; the fungi that can cause athlete’s foot and ringworm; and the bacteria that can result in meningitis, diarrhea, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and endocarditis (an inflammation of heart valves and chambers).

Shocked by the results, Dr. Carr-Jordan began testing other fast-food restaurants’ playgrounds and found similar pathogens. She now campaigns for legislation that would require fast-food restaurants to maintain their playlands according to higher standards. She has been interviewed on major news networks and profiled in the New York Times for her efforts.

“EMSL Analytical, Inc. provides testing for individuals, like Dr. Carr-Jordan—not solely companies and government agencies,” says Joseph Frasca, Senior VP at EMSL.

“We are continually inspired by our clients taking extra steps to ensure the safety of their families and communities,” he continued.

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