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Motorcycle Importer Pays Penalty to Resolve Clean Air Violations


Boston, Mass. -- EPA has reached a settlement with a motorcycle importer, International Motorsports, LLC (IMS) to resolve violations of the federal Clean Air Act related to the importation of 124 motorcycles into the United States.

In May 2012, EPA conducted inspections at the Port of Boston and found that the labels on all 124 motorcycles in IMS’s May 2012 shipment do not include the information required under EPA regulations. In addition, examination of the exhaust system of the Model YY150T motorcycle revealed that the catalyst had significantly less volume and cell density than the certified design. Emission reductions are directly affected by catalyst volume and surface area. As a result, these motorcycles were not properly certified.

Engines that are not properly labeled or certified may be operating without proper emissions controls, which can emit excess carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides and cause respiratory illnesses, aggravate asthma and contribute to the formation of ground level ozone, or smog.

Taking action to deter the importation and sale of non-compliant engines helps ensure a level playing field for manufacturers that comply with Clean Air requirements, as well as protecting Americans from illegal air emissions.

As part of the settlement, IMS paid a penalty of $4,800 and destroyed the two Model YY150T motorcycles. The remaining 122 motorcycles were re-labeled to comply with clean air regulations before being introduced into commerce.

The Clean Air Act prohibits any vehicle or engine from being imported and sold in the United States unless it is covered by a valid, EPA-issued certificate of conformity indicating that the vehicle or engine meets applicable federal emission standards. The certificate of conformity is the primary way EPA ensures that imported vehicles and engines meet emission standards. This enforcement action is part of an ongoing effort by EPA to ensure that all imported vehicles and equipment comply with the Clean Air Act’s requirements.

IMS has cooperated with EPA in this settlement.

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