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MP-Web new data entry validation (standard deviations, meter readings)


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Our new version of MP-WEB, our web browser based application for MP5 data, now has improved manual data entry pages, with validation against past data. This provides users with instant validation of the data as they type it, comparing the entered values against existing readings, and also what the reading is expected to be. Should the user enter an unusual value, perhaps outside the expected range, they are required to enter a comment to confirm the reading and provide an explanation.

Physical Limits
Entry of data outside a variables physical limit is not allowed (physical limits are set in mp5)

Comments can now be entered against each value.

Display of Previous and Next readings
The data entry screen now retrieves the last and next reading for each sample point and variable, which the user can compare with the value they are entering.

Check Readings are within normal range (2 Standard deviations)
For selected variables, the user must enter a reading that is within 2 Standard Deviations of the last 5 readings, if they enter a value outside of the expected range, a message is displayed, and they are required to enter a comment to confirm the reading.

Meter Readings
The value entered must be greater than previous reading and less than the next reading, the value can also be constrained to within 2 standard deviations of the average increase of the last 5 readings (and this can be varied over time if irregular readings are taken)

We also have the flexibility of adding additional variable types or other checks should they be required.

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