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MP5 Version 7 Released by EHS Data Ltd.


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Our accredited MP5 environmental data management system has now been further enhanced

September 2011 -- After a good deal of work, last month we released a new version  of MP5 (version 7). We have created a number of new features to the product that we believe will bring great benefits for our customers.

Among these we have created some brand new screens to improve ease of use and give the user greater visibility of their work tasks. The new MP5 desktop for example enables users to create their own desktop containing items which they have to do regularly such as a review of last months groundwater data, or a report on last months energy use. The desktop view is unique to each user logon and so can be tailored to reflect an individual users tasks.

We have also created a new calendar view so users can now see current and future tasks, those tasks overdue, dates and status of imported files, breaches of data and scheduled tasks (e.g. reports and exports of data). This calendar is interactive and users can drill down onto individual items on the calendar.

In addition we have created a series of other beneficial elements which include:

  • Direct export of data to an excel pivot table
  • Export of monitoring schedules to laboratories for pre-registration of samples for analysis
  • Calculations now set to produce less than values if those are present in the source data
  • Sample anonymising system where sample location names can be anonymised prios to sending to a laboratory and then reconciled automatically at import
  • Translation grids to determine for example pond volume and steam volumetric flow rates from profile and flow data.




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