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MRI equipped with EKO`s WISER


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EKO delivered the second unit of MS-713 near-infrared (NIR) spectroradiometer to Meteorological Research Institute (MRI).

The Meteorological Research Institute (MRI) is a Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) facility that conducts research to clarify and support the prediction of meteorological, terrestrial, and hydrological phenomena and develop associated techniques, also contributes to the advancement of fundamental technology for meteorological services. 

MRI has been moving towards installing precise spectral irradiance observation instruments which can measure in the range from 300nm and 2550nm for researching the effects of aerosol and clouds on the earth radiation budget.

Recently, MRI installed EKO’s spectroradiometers MS-711, MS-712, MS-713.During the latter half of 2017, MRI installed a second unit of the EKO Instruments near-infrared (NIR) spectroradiometer, the MS-713 and STR-32G heavy-duty sun tracker. In this research, inspections of spectroradiometers properties and research of calibration method for spectroradiometers using Langley calibration method had been performed.

The MS-713 (3) is shown above on the EKO STR-32G heavy duty sun tracker (4). This image was taken from the NOAA Mauna Loa Observatory, located on the island of Hawaii. The MS-713 was calibrated using the Langley method. Other instruments that were calibrated at this time include the MS-711 (1) and MS-712 (2) spectroradiometers. Each instrument can be used with collimating tubes to measure the spectrum of direct normal irradiance. The MS-713 will help MRI research as it is a rare field deployable field instrument capable of measuring spectral irradiance from 900 nm to 2,550 nm. If combined with MS-711 and MS-712, spectral irradiance in the wide wavelength range can be measured with very high accuracy.

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