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MS-57 Pyrheliometer


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The new MS-57 pyrheliometer was inspired by the latest development of the MS-80 pyranometer enabling a break through
 in unprecedented low thermal offset behavior and 
fast thermopile response. The MS-57 real time performance with combined low measurement uncertainty makes Solar Irradiance measurements more realistic.

Compared to all other pyrheliometers in the market the MS-57 has improved long-term stability properties. Therefore, the recommended period of recalibration can be extended to 5 years, which is typically 2 years for other sensor models in the market. The long-term stability of the sensor responsivity is less than 0.5% in a period of 5 years which makes it unique.

The ISO First Class pyrheliometer “MS-57” is a high precision solar radiation sensor which is well suited to be used as a reference instrument for precise and accurate direct solar irradiance measurements and routine operation on a solar tracker.

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