«MSM-HC» – Increased suppressor capacity for anion chromatography


Source: Metrohm AG

Metrohm presents the new Metrohm Suppressor Module «MSM-HC», a new high-capacity anion suppressor that is especially suitable for gradient applications with more highly concentrated carbonate or hydroxide eluents. Moreover, this new suppressor can be used for applications with isocratic hydroxide eluents.

Because the eluting power of the hydroxide anion is weak, these applications require working with high ionic strength. That is what the new «MSM-HC» suppressor is prepared to deal with: Its capacity is four times higher than that of the «MSM II», Metrohm’s longstanding and highly successful anion suppressor.

Another possible field of applications is opened by combining the new «MSM-HC» with high-capacity anion-exchange columns, like, for example, the Metrosep A Supp 10 - 250/4.0  or the Metrosep A Supp 16 - 250/4.0. These special columns are operated with highly concentrated carbonate eluents and require the use of the new «MSM-HC» Suppressor.

The «MSM-HC» is a chemical suppressor based on the packed-bed design. It is completely resistant to solvents and pressure and therefore comes with a 10-year warranty.

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