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MSW/Paper Mill/Construction Waste Recycling Solution


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With the new decades biggest challenge being preserving the nature and using the technologies to optimise the benefits which will help us in creating lesser bio waste and reducing dependency on highly pollutant products. We have recently completed a techno- commercial study for MSW based revolutionary product which has the capability of generating garbage waste, Construction Waste, Paper Mill waste, Dump (Landfill Discards) up to 85% into recyclable products, and can significantly help metro and semi metro cities in helping get over the waste problem. The single best advantage of MSW-SPP 5 is no more creation of landfill and this will be the biggest boon for our metros and main cities, which are constantly struggling to provide additional space for landfill and dumps and global warming issues. No New Pollution. The cost of the whole project can be realized in a span of 3 years, and the life span of the machine is around 15-20 years. With the capacity of 500 tons per machine per day, we can proudly say that at this moment very few companies have the distinction of having a product like this which can convert the garbage upto 85% recyclable level, and we will be very privileged to discuss the merits at the earliest available opportunity. It is our endeavour to bring this technology to masses, and we will be very pleased to discuss further the opportunity to provide a sustainable solution for today’s MSW and Global Warming issues. We would be further encouraged by an audience with you and your team to delve on the various benefits being offered by the unique SPP-5 revolutionary product.

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