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MTM Metalizing Achieves Shell Global Qualification


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Singapore, June 14, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - Qualification Confirms MTM Metalizing as a Major Applicator for TSA Coating on Shell Projects Worldwide

MTM Metalizing, a leader in the thermal spray coating field has been approved to apply TSA (Thermal Spray Aluminium coating) for Shell Global after conducting an audit and qualification testing. The Audit was conducted and the tests were witnessed bya Material and Corrosion Engineer from Shell Global.

A total of 10 TSA qualification tests for MTM Metalizing applicators were carried out, 5 tests using flame spray equipment and 5 tests for applicators using IMFC Arc spray equipment. All 10 tests were passed, giving MTM Metalizing the approval to use the 8 applicators to apply TSA for any Shell projects worldwide. Both TSA coating methods from MTM Metalizing will now be listed on Shell's Technically Accepted Manufacturers and Products (TAMAP) listing.

The Flame spray equipment is typically used inside a refinery, including coating on live equipment in a live plant. Arc spray equipment is more productive, but is restricted by Shell to be used off site only, for safety reasons. The validity of the qualification will last for three years ending on 23rd September 2013.

'Being a qualified applicator for Shell demonstrates our dedication and commitment in our approach and practices. All of our sprayers have been qualified and wecan now begin to apply TSA coatings on Shell projects,' said Bill Jordan, General Manager MTM Metalizing.

The week long Shell Audit consisted of procedures that focused on safety and quality, as well as business and organizational aspects of MTM Metalizing. MTM Metalizing was the first company to be qualified for TSA Application in Singapore in 2010.

TSA Coating is known to be a highly cost-efficient procedure and a technically reliable method of coating. It is also environmentally friendly, due to the non-toxic discharge from the thermal spraying process.

Bill added 'Our TSA coating is a sustainable solution for corrosion prevention and will result in reduced material and life cycle costs in the long term.'

Some major international projects of MTM Metalizing in the past include N.A.S.A, Panama Canal Authority and the New York State Thruway amongst others.

About MTM Metalizing

MTM Metalizing is a leader in Thermal Spray Coating Applications and specializes in manual Twin wire Electric Arc and manual Flame spray application. Our metalizing machines are manufactured by IMC in New Jersey, USA and registered with the United States Patent Office and the Paris Convention of Countries. The IMC patented technology used by MTM Metalizing is the current state of the art system for corrosion prevention.

Some of MTM Metalizing's major activities in Singapore include Thermal Spray Coating projects for the Exxon Mobile plant on Jurong Island, The Sail at Marina Bay and Bluewater Energy Services at Sembawang Shipyard. For more information, please visit www.mtmmetalizing.com.

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