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Multi-Cut – our new multi talent of EHT


Source: Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH

A new powerful, hydraulic plate shear fully equipped is now modernising our production facility. It is perfectly suiting to our high-precision cut and serial production. Adjustment of die clearance and cutting angle, integrated handling systems like upholding mechanism of the plates and automatic refeeding of the plates to the machine’s front side provide a high throughput and improve our production process.

Intelligent programming with a sophisticated control and operation technology which is perfectly adjusted to the machine and modern safety systems like light curtains significantly facilitate working with the machine. The massive design enables us to process blades of a strength up to 16 mm – for producing low-wear Erdwich shredding and recycling machines. This is our ambition! High-quality, robust machine and installation engineering with long life time for our customers and maybe also for you.

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