Multi-level capacity building flood management


HKV CONSULTANTS, World Water Academy, Technical University of Bucharest and Eurodite have teamed up in this multi-level capacity building project. As other EU member states, Romania has to implement the EU Flood Directive. The implementation needs to be carried out mainly on regional level.

However the regional authorities lack financial, managerial and content related capacity in many cases to make sure the implementation is successful. HKV Consultants is contributing to the Romanian authorities in this matter as the Romanian - Dutch consortium will train Romanian trainers in all aspects needed to implement flood directive on regional level. A training course will be set-up for this. Romanian trainers will train regional stakeholders in implementing the Flood Directive in their region.

The consortium uses the Ialomita river catchment as pilot area: flood hazard and flood risk maps will be created for the area. Finally the Romanian trainers will train stakeholders using the Ialomita catchment as practice case in their 'exam'.

A probabilistic method will be used to develop the risk maps. This will lead to quantified risk maps, and not, as in many other countries, a qualitative approach to display the flood risk.

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