Multi Million Pound Romanian order for Casella Monitor


Source: Casella

Casella Monitor, manufacturer of Ambient Air Quality gas analysers and systems, has successfully won its largest ever order in the history of Casella and probably in the European ambient market in the last decade. As successful major contractor to an Italian/Romanian consortium, 94 individual air quality monitoring stations will be supplied, installed and commissioned within 7 regions for the Romanian Ministry of Envionment, Bucharest. The 94 ambient stations will form the first Air Quality Network for Romania, prior to its entry to the European Union, in 2007. Data from the 94 stations will be transmitted automatically to each of the 34 EPA headquarters within Romania. In addition to the 364 ambient gas analysers measuring NOx, SO2, CO AND O3, additional instrumentation for VOC-BTEX, PM10 / PM2.5 Particulate and Meterological data complete the measuring parameters. As part of this Multi Million £ project, data is transmitted using the latest data retrieval and management software package including Public Information systems, both indoor and outdoor. as well as Internet access. The air quality stations will be sited in various categories including traffic, urban bakground, suburban background ( residential ), reguional background and industrial zones. The award of this contract to Casella Monitor follows on from our success in Turkey last year and confierms our dominant position in the wider European market for ambient air quality systems.

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