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Multi-use disposable filter for industrial waste


AbTech Holdings, Inc has developed a new disposable filter in its Smart Sponge range, the Smart Sponge 55, which has been designed as a self–contained, disposable 55 gallon drum filter system.

The filter will initially be marketed to the chemical shipping, ground water remediation, and energy sectors for the treatment of hazardous contaminated wastewater.

Since each Abtech filter system is fully self-contained, there is no human contact with the spent filter material and the entire treatment unit can be disposed of in an appropriate disposal site as a solid waste once all the water is drained out of the unit. There is no need to decontaminate used equipment at the end of the project, as the filter drums are simply properly disposed of.

The spent unit can be quickly disconnected and the new unit quickly connected, making the filter suitable for conditions where worker exposure to hazardous materials is of concern.

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