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Multinational Initial embraces Manawatu eco initiative

An environmental initiative conceived and developed in Palmerston North has been adopted by one of the largest business service companies in the world.

Initial Hygiene, a key division of Rentokil Initial, has signed an exclusive contract with Disbin Ltd, Palmerston North-based producers of a range of biodegradable, disposable sanitary and waste care bins.

Initial Hygiene’s service approach is based on reducing waste, promoting renewals, reuse and recycling. As a market leader, Initial takes pride in pioneering new standards and adopting new approaches to washroom and workplace hygiene.

In taking on an exclusive contract with Disbin, Initial can now offer clients an Eco-Care range of sanitary and waste-care bins that require no water for washing, no harsh chemicals for cleaning, and a reduction in fossil fuels at distribution.

Initial is established in 49 countries and employs more than 77,000 people.

Introducing their new Disbin manufactured Eco-Care range, is a world first.

The exclusive contract covers supply in New Zealand, Fiji and Pacific Islands.

Disbin director Helen Mays says the exclusive contract comes after six years of product and market development.

“We are delighted with the Initial Hygiene relationship as it offers the potential to take our environmentally friendly sanitary waste disposal system to the world.”

Initial Hygiene’s general manager, Geoff Polkinghorne says the relationship with Disbin offers Initial the chance to increase the sustainability of their environmental practices.

“Environmental issues are increasingly important to all our clients,” says Mr Polkinghorne.

“In joining with Disbin we are making a fresh new move in accordance with our own Environmental Policy.”

Mr Polkinghorne says moving to environmentally friendly sanitary disposal is part of Initial Hygiene’s commitment to continually improving and promoting sound environmental practice.

“We are offering Initial Hygiene clients a chance to reduce their carbon footprint as we reduce ours.”

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