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Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Moving to 24/7 COD Monitoring


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The University of Guelph, based in Ontario Canada conducted a detailed study to demonstrate that PeCOD could accurately correlate to CODCr and rapidly measure organic matter for the City of Guelph Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The study resulted in the City investing in a PeCOD unit to enabling 24/7 COD monitoring. Previously the City only measured COD up to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (when the laboratory staff were available). The PeCOD® method provides a significant breakthrough in terms of reducing COD sample analysis time to 15 minutes. This rapid 24/7 analysis will have a significant positive impact for wastewater facility operators in terms of understanding incoming COD levels, storm event monitoring, optimizing plant operations and monitoring discharge effluent for regulatory compliance.

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