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RBC- Cost Effective Retrofit

Cumberland, RI February 13, 2012 -- Problems with RBC (Rotating Biological Contactors) are commonplace in today’s wastewater treatment market.  Often the RBC has to be totally replaced by a new system.  In the case of Elverom RA municipality, the existing RBC’s were foul smelling, noisy and inefficient.  A lot of maintenance was required to keep them operational.  

Biowater’s Complete Mix Fixed Film (CMFF®)system was chosen to replace Elverom’s plant.  It was determined to be the best choice for the retrofit.  Since an RBC’s walls slope inward, a standard aeration system could not be used.  Biowater has created a two (2) level aeration system specifically made to retrofit an RBC which distributes air evenly throughout the wastewater.  Combined with Biowater biomedia, blower and sieves the system runs as a well-oiled machine, requires little to no maintenance and lasts for a lifetime.    

The basis of our Biowater CMFF® biofilm technology is the biological growth on polyethylene pieces called biofilm carriers.  The biofilm carriers provide a protective surface area for the biology to grow.  Biofilms can handle extremely high loading conditions without any problems with clogging or shock.

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