Muntons leads the world - Low Carbon commitment


March 1st 2011 - In a bold move, Muntonsplc has become the first maltster in the world to make a dedicated appointment to ensure that it will meet its commitment to produce 100% low carbon malt within the next five years.


Muntons has appointed Melissa Abbott to the newly created position of Grain Value Chain Specialist. Melissa will be leading the drive to ensure that everyone through the supply chain, from farmer through to end customer, works towards the same common environmentally responsible goal. The new role for Melissa will be the first in the industry.


Muntons, the malt and malted ingredient manufacturer based in Stowmarket, Suffolk, is already considered to be leaders in the field of low carbon malt production. It is the first company of its kind in the world to commit to purchasing only low carbon grain in the future. It has made this strategic decision as there is a strong expectation that suppliers will be driven by their customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chains.


Grain is Muntons most important raw material and between its Bridlington, Yorkshire and Stowmarket, Suffolk sites, it annually purchases around 250,000 tonnes at a current cost in the region of £40 million and already ensures that its grain meets all of its exacting demands. One of the challenges that it will face is to migrate purchases to fit in with the low carbon environment.


Muntons is already working with the Centre for Low Carbon Futures to fully validate its carbon footprint modelling throughout the supply chain and have put in place novel alternative low carbon fertiliser usage that has engaged the supply chain from farmer to brewer.


Another purpose of managing the value chain is ultimately to maximise value creation while managing cost. In this particular case, it is also to integrate a new link into the chain – low carbon supply – and to do so without incurring additional costs and generating further margin opportunities.


Melissa joined Muntons in 2001 as a seed administrator for Simpsons Seeds - the then seed merchanting arm of Muntons - and in 2002 became grain administrator in the main malting business. Since then her role has changed dramatically, in 2003 she became the Senior Grain Administrator responsible for the day-to-day running of the grain office at Stowmarket. This includes all administration for the grain that is purchased each year, the co-products that are sold and the scheduling of grain deliveries. She is a qualified Licensed Crop Inspector and the Chairman of the Eastern section of the BFBi (Brewing Food and Beverage Industry suppliers association).


Muntons has, over 90 years, grown to become a significant international player in the supply of malts, malt extracts, homebrew kits for beer and wine, flours and flakes and many other malted ingredients relevant to the food and drinks industry. Muntons is passionate about environmental protection and continuously looking at innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint through many supply chain initiatives. Currently Muntons ranks 20th in the Sunday Times Best Green Companies List and has ISO14001 certification for environmental management. Since 1999 Muntons has consistently outperformed its climate change emissions’ targets set by the Government and has a strong recognition that low carbon working practices have social, economic and environmental benefits.


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