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Murfitts Rubber Ind. Press Release

Columbus McKinnon Corporation, Sarasota Operations is proud to announce the sale of a tire shredding system to Murfitts Rubber Industries Ltd. of Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.

The two-machine system is one of the first of its kind to be delivered in England. The system consists of CM's new Primary Tire Shredder that was specifically designed for the European market. It is capable of processing European steel belted super single and light off road tires at the rate of 20 plus tons per hour.

Tires that are pre-shredded with the Primary Shredder are then conveyed to second CM Tire Shredder that is capable of processing the shreds into 2 inch/50MM cleanly cut chips at the rate of 12 plus tons per hour.

Both machines are configured with CM's proprietary MULTI-STACK™ knife configuration. This resharpenable knife system allows knives to be resharpened multiple times, therefore, reducing knife replacement costs by 75%.

The system was designed as an integral part of a crumb rubber processing system. Columbus McKinnon engineers worked very closely with the Murfitt Design Team to insure that the CM Shredding System fit seamlessly into the project. One important customer requirement was that all electrical motors and components be sourced in Europe.

Columbus McKinnon Corporation is the worlds leading manufacturer of systems that are specifically designed for the reduction of scrap tires. With this installation, CM now has six shredders operating in the UK and eleven in the EU.

For more information on these systems you can contact CM toll free in the US and Canada at 1-800-848-1071 or 001-941-2621 out side the US.

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