Must do`s for environmental conference attendees and exhibitors



11 Recommendations for Exhibitors at Trade Shows/Conferences

1. Bring an Attitude for Success. Leave any frustrations back in the hotel and only wear a smile.
2. Wear Good Shoes. You have a lot of hours ahead of you…
3. Don't Be Seen Sitting Down. It makes you look like you’re bored, not enthused, maybe sick; not very welcoming. Stand out in the front of your exhibit.
4. Attendee Info. Have a good system for gathering attendee’s information. After all, that is why you're there.
5. Create a Powerful Exhibit. Your visual messaging should give attendees an immediate good answer to their internal question; What's in it for me? Vanilla displays receive lukewarm results. Select a display that provides attention-getting unique visual effects; good messaging options; easy-to-change effects to suit your different audiences; and system integrated monitors. Work with an exhibit supplier who understands marketing... not just an off-the-shelf product salesperson.
6. Anticipate Questions. Have answers for the “What's in it for me' that your visitors are thinking about...and what they might not think about. Also, be prepared to discuss a) what your product or service does that is better, faster, smaller or more efficient and b) why the prospect should deal with you.
7. Make a Difference. Think of every opportunity you have to talk with an attendee as an opportunity to make a difference for them. Know what that difference is.
8. Have a Follow Up Plan. Prior to going to the show, have a plan in place on how you will to get back to attendees you have met.
9. Know Why You Go. Understand that you are in the show to create relationships that serve the attendees goals, as well as your own.
10. Be Engaged. Make being at the conference an interesting, fun experience for yourself; otherwise you'll be a turnoff to the attendees. Why would attendees be enthusiastic if you aren’t?
11. Freebies. If you provide a trade show giveaway, be creative. Use an interesting graphic, witty tag line and small logo. People don't want a big, gaudy logo on their gifts. They're more apt to use a gift that has a message they can relate to and thus will put up with a small logo. Work with a supplier who knows the creative difference.

Top 10 Recommendations for Attendees of Trade Show/Conference

1. Plan Ahead. Before attending, identify key suppliers you want to see and look for appropriate new suppliers.
2. Wear Comfortable Shoes. Tired feet slow you down and make you impatient.
3. Take a Notebook or Recording Device. Don't rely on memory as you visit supplier after supplier.
4. See the Show Twice. Go through first for an overview, adding suppliers of interest to your plan. The second time through, work your plan, seeing specific suppliers & spending more time with them.
5. Recognize The Main Traffic Flow & Work In The Opposite Direction. You will make better time and get more undivided supplier attention.
6. Ask Suppliers Questions. Ask a) what they do that is better, faster, smaller or more efficient and b) why should you deal with them.
7. Balance Your Time. Balance the educational seminars with your exhibit time; both are important.
8. Your Agenda vs. Supplier Agenda. They have products and services to sell. Make sure they also have a system that makes it easy to implement their offerings into your employee base.
9. Freebies. We sell trade show marketing giveaways and they’re fun, but don't waste your time using them as a reason to visit a booth. You're at the show to learn about suppliers, new and familiar. Make sure you have enough time to see them.
10. Three Good Ideas. Have a goal of coming away with at least three good ideas that made the show worthwhile.

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