Must We Say Goodbye To Glass?


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70% of UK consumers want more glass packaging on shelves but struggle to find it in-store

A new campaign launched today that champions the health benefits of glass packaging will urge consumers to buy their food and drink in glass to ensure glass stays a choice on our shelves.  Backing up the campaign is a major new European-wide survey by TNS that reveals most of us in the UK (70%) want the right to choose glass packaging, but increasingly find that some of our favourite sauces, ketchups and drinks are becoming harder to find in glass.

The campaign ‘Nothing to Hide’, so called because glass has nothing to hide and nothing added, highlights that with glass packaging, no chemicals are needed to protect food and drink, making it the healthiest way to package our produce. The survey confirmed that 80% of UK consumers trust glass to protect food and drinks against chemicals. Bisphenol-A (BP-A), one of the most commonly found chemicals in non-glass packaging, continues to be a cause of concern amongst health experts and has been banned in France and Denmark for use in children’s food and drink containers.

Supporting ‘Nothing to Hide’ is TV presenter Julia Bradbury, known for her healthy lifestyle and love of all things natural “I’m a big fan of glass” says Julia “ and would hate to see it disappear from our supermarket shelves. I love that fact that glass is 100% pure and made from natural elements. I think we’re all used to it being on our shelves, so it’s easy to take for granted”. 

The TNS survey, which interviewed 9500 consumers across 19 countries in Europe, confirms that consumers not only want the right to glass packaging, but they are willing to act accordingly. Nearly half (45%) of the UK respondents and 70% of all questioned said it is ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ that they will buy more products in glass to make sure that glass is more available in stores.

Dave Dalton, Chief Executive of British Glass, the UK trade body supporting the campaign, comments “Consumers should have the right to healthy packaging and the right to choose glass. By supporting the Nothing to Hide campaign, consumers will assert their right to this freedom of choice and urge producers, retailers and manufacturers to ensure that their favourite foods will always be available in glass.”

Consumers can find out more about the campaign and how to support it on the Nothing to Hide website, (live for media from 30.9.10) and by signing up to the European consumer forum behind the campaign, Friends of Glass (


Notes to Editors:

Nothing to Hide campaign & website featuresThe campaign is taking place in twelve European countries (France, Germany, Poland, UK, Italy, Greece, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands and Slovakia). The campaign website features a free offer for consumers to own their own limited edition ‘Nothing’ bottle. See (live for media from 30.9.10) for more details.

About the TNS SurveyThe European Glass Packaging Survey (September 2010) was conducted by TNS in 19 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.  Respondents were aged 18 and older and represented a cross-section of each country’s population. TNS is the world's largest Custom Market Research specialists, organized around clients' industry sectors. In each country, TNS combine the benefits of industry specialization and research expertise, to deliver powerful insights. TNS is the right business research partner for every research need, large or small, global or local.

About Friends of Glass Friends of Glass is a European consumer forum that supports and promotes the right for consumers to be able to choose food and drink products in glass packaging.  It unites all those who believe glass is the clear choice for themselves, their families and for the environment.  Friends of Glass was initiated in 2009 by the European Container Glass Federation (or FEVE) in response to a pan-European survey commissioned by FEVE in September 2008 to the research institute InSites, which found that 74% of European consumers prefer glass packaging for their food and drinks. 

About British GlassThe British Glass Manufacturers’ Confederation represents the interests of all sectors of the glass industry in the UK. Its main activity is in representing the industry at European, national and local level on a wide range of topical legislative issues. It also conducts independent research into all aspects of glass production and technology.

About GlassGlass is made from natural, sustainable raw materials. It is the preferred packaging for consumer health and the environment. As primary packaging, glass containers assure the preservation, safe delivery and attractive presentation of a vast array of consumer products, supplied to European and world markets. Whether used for drinks, food, cosmetics, perfumes or pharmaceuticals, glass plays a vital role in supporting European trade and commerce.

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